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Miami-Dade Republican Party Hires New Executive Director To Fulfill GOP’s Updated Mission

MIAMI (Sept. 29, 2021) – With campaigns quickly gearing up for the 2022 election cycle, the Republican Party of Miami-Dade County announces it has hired Brandon Diaz as its new Executive Director. As Miami’s political landscape and demographics continue to shift, the County GOP is updating its approach in how it communicates and engages with all communities in Miami Dade County.

Diaz brings an extensive list of accomplishments and experience from his various roles within the public sector and local professional organizations. As the new Executive Director, he will report directly to Chairman René Garcia with responsibilities including:

· Developing new resources to secure the financial health of the Party

· Working with Chairman Garcia, board members, and committee members to devise new strategies and community outreach programs

· Implementing current resources to maintain and enhance the organization’s operations

· Engage in fundraising and identifying new sources of revenue

· Oversee all marketing and communication efforts

· Establishing and maintaining relationships with local organizations and partners

“The Miami-Dade GOP is headed in a new & bold direction that will elevate and support local candidates with a defined purpose and mission,” said Miami-Dade Republican Party Chairman René Garcia. “We recognized this would require a strong foundation, and having Brandon Diaz as part of that foundation will solidify the important work we need to do. The level of experience and dedication he brings will put the Republican Party ahead of the curve when it comes to communications, fundraising, and networking, setting the tone for how the Party can engage with different communities nationwide.”

With a background in marketing and social media, Diaz will apply his wealth of experience immediately.

“This is an exciting new opportunity where I’ll be able to commit more of my talents to the GOP and take the Party to new heights alongside an exceptional group of colleagues,” said Diaz. “Chairman Garcia is bringing a necessary approach to keep the Party at the forefront and ensure its presence is felt at all levels of government.”

Prior to becoming Executive Director, he served as the Marketing Director for the Town of Miami Lakes and the Miami Lakes Food and Wine Festival. He is currently the Director of Communications for the Miami Young Republicans, serves as a member of the Young Professionals Committee for the Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce, and is a founding member of the Miami Lakes-South Florida Republican Club. Diaz earned his Master of Science in Marketing from Florida International University and earned certificates in Marketing Research and Social Media & E-Marketing from FIU.

Since starting his term in 2020, Chairman Garcia has taken a proactive role in turning the County GOP into an influential organization. From bringing former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to speak at this year’s sold-out Lincoln Day Dinner to expanding communications and keeping local officials accountable, Chairman Garcia is set to implement a fresh agenda that reengages Republicans while actively registering new Republicans throughout Miami-Dade.

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