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Miami-Dade GOP Issues Statement on Recurring Mask Mandates Affecting Communities Across the Country



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MIAMI (Oct. 7, 2021) – As counties, cities and school boards continue to impose mask mandates on individuals despite high vaccination rates and safer measures in place, Miami-Dade GOP Chairman René Garcia has issued the following statement:

“There’s been an increasing trend of local governments usurping power from residents and parents to establish political mandates,” said Garcia. “Even though over half of the American population has been fully vaccinated and two-thirds have received at least one dose, politicians continue to insist that forcing individuals to wear a mask is appropriate public policy. We’re seeing the rights of parents being taken by school boards who believe they know better about children and masking, without taking into account the psychological and health factors that can affect their learning. This has become a political issue produced by bureaucrats who aren’t recognizing the freedoms citizens inherently have, and I call on legislators to adjust any mask mandates that are having an adverse effect on communities nationwide.”

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