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Miami-Dade GOP Denounces President Biden’s Decision To Remove FARC From Terrorist List

MIAMI (Dec. 06, 2021) – Following the Biden Administration’s decision to remove the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) from its list of terrorist organizations, Miami-Dade GOP Chairman Rene Garcia has issued the following statement:

“What the Biden Administration has done is nothing short of a disrespectful show of policy toward Colombians here at home and abroad. It’s dangerous, antithetical to American values, and signals to other terrorist groups in the region the administration’s willingness to concede to bad actors with violent histories and extremist backgrounds. This is similar to what Obama did just a few years ago with the Cuban dictatorship, where instead of consulting with members of the community, the administration unilaterally made a decision that disregards the experiences and insight of many Colombians within our community that sought refuge from the chaos this Marxist-Leninist terror group created. I would not be surprised if the Biden Administration took this action to appease socialists in the Democratic Party, or if socialist sympathizers within the administration itself pushed for this to occur. The Miami-Dade GOP stands with Colombians here and around the world and will ensure that our local officials continue to address this matter and designate FARC as a terrorist group.”

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