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On July 08, 2023 we hosted our 2023 Lincoln Day Dinner at the Marriott Aventura Golf Course. The evening was a warm and exciting event, where hundreds of Republican activists and supporters joined together to celebrate our incredible victories in 2022, and look ahead to keeping Miami-Dade County red in 2024.  The event was also an opportunity for Republicans to meet each other and join forces for the next election.


Throughout the evening, local leaders and speakers shared their thoughts on the political climate and emphasized the significance of grassroots participation in determining the future of our county, state, and country.


Without a doubt, the appearance of our special guest, Governor Ron DeSantis, was the evening's high point.  In addition to highlighting his administration's accomplishments, Governor DeSantis stressed the importance of electing strong conservative leadership to protect our beliefs. Everyone who attended the event felt inspired and motivated to support our party's goal of a Republican triumph in 2024.


We want to sincerely thank everyone who came out to the 2023 Lincoln Day Dinner. The event was a success thanks to your attendance and assistance. We also want to express our deep gratitude to Governor Ron DeSantis for joining us and sharing his thoughts with us.


As we move forward, our Party will keep maintain its efforts to advance conservative ideals, back candidates who uphold our values, and have critical discussions that will influence Miami-Dade County's future.

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