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Miami-Dade GOP Denounces Obscene Endorsement of Socialist Candidate by Miami-Dade Democrats



Tony Figueroa – (305) 987-7922

MIAMI (Oct. 26, 2021) – Following the Miami-Dade Democrats’ endorsement of Quinn Smith, an admitted socialist and facilitator of the Venezuelan dictatorship, the Miami-Dade Republican Party calls on City of Miami residents to reject such dangerous ideology in the November 2nd elections and recognize the errant path Democrats have taken.

“It has become abundantly clear how the Miami-Dade Democrat Party has openly embraced socialism,” said Miami-Dade GOP Chairman Rene Garcia. “As a community built by exiles and refugees who fled the hateful, extremist socialist dictatorships that have destroyed Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, it is insulting how the leaders of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party do not believe that representing Venezuela’s murderous Nicolas Maduro is ‘disqualifying.’” Quinn Smith, a candidate running for District 3 commissioner in the City of Miami, has represented the Venezuelan narco-dictatorship to defend its international interests.

“Our community will not be lectured by the socialist, fringe Miami-Dade Democratic Party and as Republicans, we look forward to continue obtaining victories up and down the ballot with candidates who reject socialism and the misery that it inflicts everywhere it takes hold,” continued Garcia.

The Democratic Party has given a platform and voice to radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar in Congress as Democrats, clearly attempting to install socialists at the local level with this latest endorsement.

The Miami-Dade GOP is vehemently opposed to such an offending endorsement and strongly encourages the entire community to recognize the clear difference between Miami-Dade Republicans who continue to support freedom, and the Miami-Dade Democrats which continue their move further left into socialism.

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