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republican executive committee!

The Republican Party of Miami Dade County's Executive Committee is comprised of 160 elected members representing 40 districts throughout the county. Each District is represented by two (2) Committeemen and two (2) Committeewomen, along with two (2) alternate Committeemen and two (2) Alternate Committeewomen. The purpose and responsibility of the Committee is to promote the Republican Party at a local level through community outreach efforts. 

In the event no county committeeman or committeewoman is elected or a vacancy occurs, the vacancy  shall be filled by a majority vote of those present at a meeting of the County Executive Committee. Such vacancy shall be filled by a qualified member of the Republican Party residing in the district where the vacancy occurred and for the unexpired portion. 

Any person interested in filling an open vacancy must file:

A CANDIDATE OATH (Click HERE to Download)

A LOYALTY OATH (Click HERE to Download)

A HANDBOOK FORM (Click HERE to Download)

To locate your REC District by your Precinct Number, click HERE

To view a map of all REC Districts, click HERE

Completed Forms MUST be submitted to the Miami Dade County Department of Elections no later than twelve (12) days before a scheduled Executive Committee Meeting. Completed forms should be delivered to:

Miami Dade County Elections Department
2700 NW 87 Avenue

Miami, FL 33172

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