The Republican Party of Miami Dade County is pleased to announce our Delegates to the 2020 Republican National Convention. 


Delegates were elected over the last month at Congressional District Caucus meetings for all congressional districts that overlap with Miami-Dade County. Congressional Districts 23 and 24 overlap with Broward County, while Congressional District 25 overlaps with Hendry and Collier Counties. Congressional Distrct 26 overlaps with Monroe County and Congressional District 27 is entirely within Miami-Dade County.


I want to thank the incredible and dedicated supporters that applied to be delegates from Miami-Dade County to the 2020 Republican National Convention. The support and enthusiasm received proves that Donald Trump will be re-elected as our President and Miami-Dade County will play a significant role in ensuring that outcome. I also want to thank my colleagues in Broward, Collier, Hendry and Monroe Counties for working together and collaboratively to select the best candidates to our convention,” said Nelson Diaz, Chairman of the Republican Party of Miami-Dade County.


Congressional District 23

Jeffrey Brown

Doug Harrison

Jay Narang

Jack Chesler (alternate)

Kevin Cooper (alternate)

Linda Schainburg (alternate)


Congressional District 24

Richard DeNapoli

Kelly Mallette

Kathryn Vera

William Lawrence (alternate)

Nikita Mizgirev (alternate)

Brian Turner (alternate)


Congressional District 25

Steve Nisbet

Russell Tuff

Rene Garcia

Doug Rankin (alternate)

Margarita Nelson (alternate)

Viviana Bovo (alternate)


Congressional District 26

Stephen Hammond

Robert Harvey

Annette Hernandez

Carla Bahn (alternate)

William Glass (alternate)

Don Horton (alternate)


Congressional District 27

Armando Chapelli

Moshe Popack

Maria Zenoz

Maricel Corbitz (alternate)

Stephen Karski (alternate)

Judith Ruiz (alternate)